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CANTILEVER RACK is commonly used for applications where the length of the material being stored is too long for pallet rack or where the length varies.  Lumber and pipe applications are common examples, where bundles up to 20' or longer need to be stored.  Cantilever rack allows great flexibility, for instance a 20'L run can store 8', 9', 10', 12', 16', 20', and even longer units of product without having to deal with any columns or other obstructions.  Additionally, two 8' units can be stored under two 10' units, which in turn can be stored under a 24' unit.


Cantilever is ordered according to specifications.  Height, spacing between columns, and arm length & capacity are all variables.  Lead time is generally six weeks to ship.

Please call for a quote for your specific requirements, but we have also listed some sample pricing information below.


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Current pricing is available by fax.  The columns and arms are the most important components to calculate when estimating a total cost, so spacing is an important consideration.  The horizontal and diagonal bracing, although integral components, are relatively minor in cost. 

Our sales dept. can quote you based on your specific application and make suggestions for the best setup.  Current pricing is available by fax and shows pricing both f.o.b. factory and f.o.b. Billings, MT.

  SINGLE-SIDED DOUBLE-SIDED COLUMNS shown at left include a base for 48" arms.  The single-sided columns have the base on one side only, and the double-sided columns have them on both sides.  Depending on the height, the capacity per side varies between 6000# and 9000#.
HEIGHT $ # $ #
8'H   160   235
10'H   180   255
12'H   200   275
14'H   225   300
16'H   250   325
48", 2100# capacity   29.8     ARMS can be varied by length, capacity, and application.  The 48" arm at left is the most common and is most commonly used for lumber and pipe applications.
  Horizontal Diagonal BRACING, both horizontal and diagonal, need to be bolted to the columns to maintain sway support and spacing.  The number of individual pieces required depends on the overall height.  For each section up to 12', two horizontal and two diagonal braces are required.  Lengths other than those shown are available.
  $ # $ #
36"   8.6   4.8
48"   11.5   5.3
60"   14.5   5.8
72"   17.5   6.4
96"   24.0   7.7
          OTHER accessories can be added to the arms, such as lips or stakes at the ends of the arms (to prevent pipe from rolling off) or to otherwise make the system fit your application.

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